Chartered Financial Analyst or CFA is one of the toughest yet most popular and eminent professional certification courses. The prestigious certificate of Chartered Financial Analyst is provided by the globally recognized CFA US.

In order to pursue a ground-breaking career in financial services, there is nothing more significant and worthwhile than

Chartered Financial Analyst certification. The best CFA coaching institute offers overall training and guidance on the course curriculum, learning materials, and certification examinations. The levels of three exams, which need to be taken for CFA certification vary and are fairly challenging. So, the overall end to end guidance and hand-holding for this course is crucial and utmost necessary.

The leading institutes offering CFA guides offer study materials and showcase relevant jobs once the certification process is fruitfully completed. They guide at every level, shares relevant study materials and conducts mock tests and assessments, and prepares the individual for Chartered Financial Analyst certification examinations. The certification program is principally offered by the renowned CFA Institute, situated in Virginia in The United States, and started its operation way back in 1947. The time given by the institute to finish fruitfully and succeed in all three levels of CFA is 2 years. Chartered Financial Analyst certification program consists of three distinct levels and each level is concluded by a separate examination.

CFA certification has global acknowledgment and is extremely popular in the financial domain. This learning program enables one to develop and shine in the realms of investment banking, equity research, corporate finance, funding, and private wealth management. This certification of Chartered Financial Analyst offers in-depth knowledge and expertise on investment and banking principles and wealth management and facilitates one to develop a shining and flourishing career in financial services, anywhere in the World.

CFA is acknowledged worldwide and there are aplenty job opportunities as investment bankers, risk managers, portfolio and asset experts, wealth, and fund managers. Skilled CFA has massive professional opportunities in the domestic and global market. Renowned International KPO units typically subcontract financial and investment-related assignments to Indian professionals and hire CFA certified experts. Furthermore, to this, any international banking cooperations for their investment banking and wealth management realm and eminent stockbrokers prefer to employ qualified CFA qualified candidates.

The basic qualifications to do CFA are a bachelor’s degree or MBA. Candidates, studying in the final year of MBA or graduate degree can also apply for Chartered Financial Analyst. Moreover, a skilled person with work experience of a minimum of 4 years is also entitled to a CFA certification course. But the recent trends show that Chartered Financial Analyst certification has gained tremendous popularity and has surpassed the charm of MBA. Though the course is challenging and require immense hard work, it is definitely worth the effort and hard work in order to create prolific career growth in the financial sector. This is primarily because of the immense job opportunities post the completion of the certification.

Financial service employers acknowledge the value that a CFA charter holder brings to the workplace, as evidenced by many finance job advertisements that either request or require that the applicant be a CFA charter holder.

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